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The Chocolate Conspiracy Chocolate Bars

The Chocolate Conspiracy Chocolate Bars


These are delicious cholcate bars from another local company called The Chocolate Conspiracy. The factory is located here in Salt Lake City, Utah and they produce fine chocolate from bean to bar without roasting and sweeten the choclate with local raw unfiltered honey. - Americano Chai: Is a chai tea infused bar with cinnamon, citrus, and pine.


- Blackberry Ginger: This is their best seller! The bar is infused with an 18 year aged blackberry balsamic vinegar.

- Mint Chip: This chocolate bar is infused with an essential oil of peppermint.

- Wild Spice: This bar has a sweet, salty, and spicy taste to it.

- Pure Dark: This is their simpliest chocolate bar and contains 75% cacao.


** For more information about the choclate bars visit The Chocolate Conspiracy's website. 

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